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“The March of Hope” is a documentary which explores the lives of refugees in Europe. A celebration of everything which makes us human, and a challenge in film to the xenophobia growing in modern Europe.
This performance piece at Hermannplatz was an invitation to stop for a moment and dive into another realm within the public space. „Free Seat“ is a collaboration between Pedro Carneiro Silva and Ardalan Aram.
Our portrait about the well respected school for systemic therapy in Heidelberg, the „Internationale Gesellschaft für systemische Therapie“. 
The song „Napoleon“ by Jonathan Kluth translated into a music video featuring Sophie Charlotte Conrad and Daria Monciu.
Introducing J.Lamotta Suzume in a personal portrait, starting her collaboration with JAKARTA RECORDS – Edited by Gal Yaron Meyerson
„Songpoeten“ Live Sessions features German artists in a unique way. Presented by Sony Four Music we did a series of 4 session with the amazing LEA.
„Meninas de Berlim“ is a video series presenting Berlin based female artists collaborating with the Brazilian series „Meninas do Brasil“, presented by Luiza Sales.
A search for the true America during rise of Trump. Conversations in streets, bars, deserts, gas stations, shelters, hurricanes & protests form a vignette of this great, turbulent, divided nation…
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A live video session at sunrise on the rooftops of Berlin with the amazing Brazilian Pianist Pedro Carneiro Silva.


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